Zombie Anarchy
Zombie Anarchy

After a hard day there is nothing more fun for many than blow the head to a few zombies, there are many games available today in the stores of the different platforms for smartphone on this theme of undead.

There are classic and simple for those who do not want to complicate life in complex scenarios, there are those who can shoot using a car, as well as other shooter style to shoot and tear zombies in the first person.

In the same way there are games that mix so much action and strategy, a perfect combination to survive in a world full of zombies and one of the titles that best does it is without a doubt Zombie Anarchy.

*Theme The Walking Dead style: it takes an air of the series because the idea is to develop several camps to host people who help to make all kinds of incursions or missions of collection of resources as well as attacks on other bases already established.

*Basic needs: both waste and materials and food are scarce so it is not enough to just fortify in the city, something similar in what can be seen in the aforementioned series.

*Many zombies: when facing the zombies, you will also find those special monsters that have different and rougher attacks, more size, more life and other characteristics to be considered as bosses of a level.

It seems complicated as all the strategy games at first, however, they will accompany us from the beginning with a small tutorial. From the beginning we will have a small base, although to settle in it we will have to free it from the zombies. It happens to be the headquarters, being this the first mission.

From that moment we will build a shelter and other buildings such as a warehouse for food or waste. As we move forward we can have more characters, so that in this way the attacks to other bases are more efficient; in the end the most important thing is to conquer.

In the map of the game we will see that in different points of the city we will find different siege missions, on the one hand there are attacks on zombie camps and on the other there are those that other human players have built, to these last bases they are the ones that must be deal with them by saving the barriers they have designed.

By destroying all buildings, the reward is much greater, ranging from bullets, resources and money.

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