Zoho Mail
Zoho Mail

If you already have enough to use Outlook, Gmail or any other email manager either for your boring and annoying ads, for its slowness or for its difficulty to use, Zoho Mail came to save the day and not leave you stranded without a postal manager.

This great email manager is completely free and easy to use, having the possibility of adding more than two accounts in the same device allowing other people to edit files without the need for updates.

* Post Office Management: It has an easy accessibility to edit an email that we are going to send or otherwise, to accommodate an error that we have made at the time of writing . 

 * Contact List: Zoho Mail allows us to have a large list of contacts in which we can delete, edit, change the name, share, send a message among many other things that this App offers. 

 * Free of Advertising: This manager of emails will not have ads that may take time away since this works with Zoho Docs, that is, it works without software updates.

The vast majority of the time we need to send an email of great importance to someone, whether it's our boss, a friend for an important investigation, or a teacher for a pending task, Zoho Mail allows you to create groups where shared folders will be for the easy access of the users that are within said group.

 On the other hand, it facilitates the use of electronic mail and makes it more efficient, you only have to have a device that has the technology of Android or IOS to be able to download this email manager in their respective stores, that is, PlayStore and AppStore for so help you with everyday tasks.

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