Creativity is the main protagonist in this decade of technological advances, and the evolution of graphics or digital images as a means of communication continues to be transcendental. Likewise, the accessibility and didactic form of how an avatar can be created through ZEPETO, has shown the easy handling of this platform, giving rise to the worldwide spread of the use of Avatar in 3D.

The use of this interesting platform allows you to interact within others and to use this application you only need to start your session in any of your accounts whether they are on facebook, twitter or email to upload a photo of your gallery or a snapshot. This is how it offers us the fun and interesting opportunity to create a clone or several that represent us in terms of our physical or personality characteristics, if you wish, and share with your friends.

* Create a specific or customized avatar: allows you to edit the avatar in terms of eye color, shape of the nose, mouth, hair color and hairstyle and even clothing and accessories.

* Virtual Interaction: with Zepeto you can locate other avatars near your location.

* How to access: You can download this application by entering Google Play or App Store and download it for Android and IOS.

ZEPETO is a platform that comes to show us the interesting and fun opportunity to create an avatar with predetermined or personalized features, giving us the opportunity to interact in a virtual way with other avatars from different forms such as Facebook, twitter or email. The download of this application must be made application by entering Google Play or App Store and download it for Android and IOS.

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