Some people are tired of seeing the same default theme of the device put, although they can change the wallpaper for some picture is still boring or even have to hear the same ringtone or notifications that come by determined on the device. 

 Zedge is a multipurpose platform in terms of personalization since you can fully customize your mobile device from a theme of your preference to change the alert tone, having updates from the same app so you have everything new that comes to the Network .

* Alert Tones: It has a variety of new alert tones of this 2019 and previous years in which you can put them in the tone of the alarm and message. 

 * Wallpapers: Apart from the field of sounds and all that you can customize your device greatly finding panita funds of any theme and any fictional or famous character. 

 * Design: This app has a unique and easy to use design since you will have at a glance what you want to use, that is, you will have at a glance the button of wallpapers, alert tones, themes and personalization of the icon of the application.

Zedge has around more than 170 million downloads for both Android and IOS, taking into account that users who download this wonderful personalization app are satisfied with all the content it brings, as well as having the possibility to share what you find with your friends and family. 

 Do not be one of the bunch, says the phrase, that's why you come Zedge to get you out of that one more of the bunch and get ahead with your personalized device and that other people die of sending to see the new theme of your device or even the listen to the alert or alert tone that you have assigned.

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