Youper is an ideal application for your difficult days, is aimed at people who want to feel better, help to squish your nerves or to learn to socially relate, it is no longer necessary to spend a lot of money on therapies, with Youper you have a friend within reach of your hands for when you need it and wherever you are, in the comfort of your home or work.

Do not have time to go to therapy? Or would you like to have more days than the doctor's schedule allows? Do not get more complicated and start right now your path to recovery with this application you will have the opportunity to seek help as soon as you need and want.

*We care about you: At Youper we care about you, and we want to know about your emotional stability, we will ask you daily about your mood and we will initiate a conversation about it in order to get to know you better, and attend your needs more efficiently.

*No Limits of Schedule: At Youper we work 24 hours a day for your wellbeing, so we are a reliable platform that you can use in those moments of emergency and anxious crisis, you do not have to solve it on your own, we help you in your healing process.

*Daily record: every day we graph your mood so you can see your progress and get to know yourself better, have control of your emotions to improve your mood every day, you will see that after a while with the application you will be able to handle any difficult situation of Smarter way

This application is easy to use, you just have to use it regularly so that you can access all the options that are available, as you progress, the application will get to know you and will open more sections which will be useful in your healing process.

Youper fits your personality, if you are of few words we give you many options of answers so you can select if you do not know how to express yourself in your written language, everything is so that you feel comfortable and confident so we can help you to solve your problems.

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