If you are one of those people that when deciding where to eat you do not know where to go, or if you want to visit a new restaurant and you are not sure if it is good, beautiful and cheap, then the solution is here with this wonderful app called Yelp which will help you choose where to eat according to the opinion of the users.

 Yelp is an application that is responsible for asking you how was the place where you were, of course, having the app downloaded and with the location of your device activated, where you can give your point of view either positive or negative and count and Share how your experience was in that place.

* Interface: It has a very elegant and easy to use interface, you just have to put the type of food you want to eat, for example, fast food, Chinese food or hamburgers among many types of food and Yelp will find restaurants that are close to you.

 * Search: In addition to placing the type of food you want to eat just by clicking on the search button this app will do everything for you, taking into account that it will give you the exact location of the restaurant and you can drive or go with GPS assistance. 

 * Good Security: Like any app, it has its own security integrated which is the one that will safeguard all your data to keep them safe, in which you must provide a username, a real email and a password to access your account.

On the other hand, it will take away a burden from having this great tool since you will not waste time searching the GPS that does not provide you with information about the nearest food sites or the simple search through the Internet, thanks to this App you will save everything that time with a simple touch on the search button.

 You only need an Android or IOS device that has enough storage space available to download Yelp that will take you out of a hurry at any moment, you will find it both in the PlayStore and in the AppStore.

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