Xender is an application that was designed to simplify the transfer of files in any type of format from your mobile device to your computer or vice versa, without using USB cables, or flashdrive. This platform offers you a very easy and fast method of transporting your documents without going through tedious procedures.

To use xender you just have to download it to your mobile and program it to your PC and you will be able to move everything you need easily and safely when you need it and without mobile data consumption. Xender provides a direct link to the computer so you can access the files you need at any time.

*Practical: It is a very simple and easy to use program that allows you to obtain or transmit the information you require without an internet connection, you will no longer need cables, pendrives or wi-fi access with xender you will be able to transfer files in a practical way and fast

*Simple: With this incredible application you can send photos, videos, documents and much more in a few seconds, it is even faster than using bluetooth, in addition you also save the trouble of using USB cables, it does not matter if you lost it, it was damaged, or you forgot at home, in xender we improve the method of file transfers and to modernize it, we avoid the tedious process.

*Accessible: It is considered a highly accessible program because it works automatically when you connect the Xender platform to your computer. You can also use this application on Windows and Mac computers.

Do not wait any longer and download xender to get the content you need or you can save it to your PC quickly by direct file transfer without complications.

Update your methods and start using xender and simplify your tasks. You can buy this application for free for your mobile device or Android or IOS tablets, it is also available for Windows or Mac computers.

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