Worldpackers is an application that allows you to travel and know different parts of the world in a different way, this application will take you to different destinations in which you will be part of a foundation, you will have a trip with a purpose of disinterested way and you will travel the world to the same time you do good social work voluntarily.

Create unique and fantastic moments traveling with worldpackers since we guarantee that you will live an incomparable and very pleasant experience to be able to integrate in a new culture, add an altruistic sense to your trips with Worldpackers, we have many reasons why we consider that this is the best option to travel the world.

*Social change agent: Worldpackers is a platform that fulfills several purposes, the first you know and travel to other countries, but in a very unique way, this is where our second main objective comes in, worldpackers is a platform that connects people who provide accommodation in exchange for volunteer work and volunteers willing to change the world.

*Accessible: Worldpackers offers you the opportunity to travel and meet different cultures around the world while volunteering in community work, in a very economically accessible way since Worldpackers will assign you to a host so you do not have to spend money on accommodation and spend less in food. Basically, what you will have to pay will be your plane ticket and other minor expenses that you need
*Insurance: It is a safe and very reliable system, since all the accommodation options have been certified by our team so that you do not fear for your safety during your visit. We also have multiple lodging options such as hostels, or accommodation Insurance with people confirmed by the application.*Agente de mudança social: A Worldpackers é uma plataforma que atende a vários propósitos, os primeiros que você conhece e viaja para outros países, mas de uma forma única, é onde entra nosso segundo principal objetivo, a worldpackers é uma plataforma que conecta pessoas que fornecem alojamento em troca de trabalho voluntário e voluntários dispostos a mudar o mundo.

*Acessível: A Worldpackers oferece a você a oportunidade de viajar e conhecer diferentes culturas ao redor do mundo enquanto se voluntaria em trabalhos comunitários, de uma maneira economicamente acessível, pois a Worldpackers o designará a um anfitrião para que você não gaste dinheiro em hospedagem e gaste menos na comida. Basicamente, o que você terá que pagar será o seu bilhete de avião e outras despesas menores que você precisa
*Seguro: É um sistema seguro e muito confiável, pois todas as opções de hospedagem foram certificadas pela nossa equipe para que você não tenha medo de sua segurança durante sua visita. Também temos várias opções de hospedagem, como albergues, ou seguro de acomodação com pessoas confirmadas pelo aplicativo.

The worldpackers is an application that connects you with people around the world who are willing to welcome you and include you in their lives as you know a new country, you integrate into their culture and voluntarily collaborate in social projects such as schools, hospitals, NGO projects , organic farms and much more.

With the worldpackers you will find a satisfactory and very entertaining way to help the most vulnerable communities, download now this fantastic application and start enjoying all the advantages it offers, it is available for free for smartphones with Android or IOS operating system.

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