World at Arms
World at Arms

When it comes to RPG-style games, war games always stand out. Because the idea of maintaining an active base of operations tends to be a task that takes time, which makes us use the application constantly and not have it as an ornament on the phone.

This is based on World at Arms, a game for mobile devices very similar to the gameplay that we can find in Clash of Clans. Where we have to put tactics and fight with avatars whether they are placed by the same software or online.

Create your own base with operations centers, hangars, generation plants, war vehicles and much more to attack and defend your military unit correctly.

*What it is about: you must build a military base with an infantry unit to fight. You can expand the area of your military base and you can create installations in it whose elements you will find in the application store.

*Interactive game screen: the main screen of the game has a lot of information like your level of experience, missions, money, utilities, among others that have everything at hand without having to resort to an extra menu.

*Smart shop: in the store you can find sections such as energy, economy, fuel, military, among others. Each one has buildings or useful facilities that correspond to a specific activity for the military base.

There are two types of coins in the game, the gold you get for the missions and rewards that some facilities offer and the medals that belong to the special game bonuses or the integrated purchases of the application. With respect to gold, the same base is self-sufficient since most of the installations that you place give a certain amount of gold for a certain amount of time, this will depend on the structure you place.

As you expand your base both in space and in buildings, it will increase your experience and you will go up in level. By doing so, you receive a considerable amount of money and unlock new items in the store to continue building.

You can make attacks both marine, air or land to other players that are connected to your profile in the application. When making attacks by any means you can select between soldiers, military cars with turrets, tanks, helicopters, among other elements of war to then start the attack. When you beat someone you can invade their area on the map to attack the base of the enemy as such.

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