Working independently, without a doubt, is the dream job of many. Achieving work on what you like and best of all from the comfort of your home is the ideal goal; Being able to have your own schedule, organizing your personal and work life is something you can achieve with a more flexible type of work.

If what you need is to work independently this application is ideal for you. Workana is an application that has many functions where you can obtain a series of job offers or projects published weekly, in which you can apply through a system of positions.

* Register: The first thing you must do when opening Workana is to register on your platform, you create a profile and you can share the professional information you want to know to classify in certain jobs. This way you can teach all your experience and it will be easier to get something from your area.

* Positions: This application works with a system of positions and points for its users. This way, the staff works if they want to maintain an optimized profile and thus obtain more projects. All new users start from the Iron position and the goal is to reach the maximum level (Hero). It is the level that generates more confidence and gains.

* Get jobs: At first you should get the most jobs to get positioned among the highest levels going up in level. As your work is worth you can inform about what your rates are for work.

Workana is an ideal place where you can get a job according to what you have studied, what you like or what you are really good at doing. With this application you can work in the easiest, easiest and most comfortable way possible, from the place you prefer.

The download of Workana is completely free, however there are a number of plans to use the service. There are free or Premium plans; in each there are advantages and disadvantages with respect to the number of proposals that you can send, the commission that the application receives and the number of job categories in your profile.

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