Wordscapes is an entertaining and challenging game, not only a recreation, but also challenging your imagination, creativity and inventiveness. Wordscapes is a platform that offers you several game options in one, everything starts with the construction of a puzzle which at the same time will be a hint for the hidden word that you have to form from the image that you built.

Wordscapes is a really exciting game and you can take it wherever you go, it is specially designed for people who want to test their mental agility, it is not a simple game, but that is exactly the fun of wordscapes that challenges your ability to solve riddles in a very funny way.

*Varied: since Wordscapes has several games in one makes it a very animated game, that will not let you get bored at any time, also has several levels which as you go overcoming them are increasingly complicated to capture your attention, and you can not stop playing.

*Creative: Wordscapes offers you a wide variety of puzzles so you can enjoy the game for a long time. It is also a platform with a unique artistic design with spectacular scenery in each world, such as in a natural setting, such as a forest, a sunrise, a desert, an ocean, a beach, sand, fog and more.

*Challenging: it is a very challenging game ideal for those who not only want to distract but also want to exercise the mind, to be able to progress in wordscapes you will have to solve all the riddles. Once you enter one of the puzzles, you will see the crosswords you need to solve. And below that, you will see some letters in a circle that you must combine to form a word.

It is an accessible application because you can use it without an internet connection, so you can develop your skills without limits. You also have the advantage of taking it on your mobile phone so you can continue playing wherever you want to go so you can make the most of your free time in a very fun way.

Build the puzzle, discover the hidden word and earn points for each success, download now wrdscapes and start enjoying the game as you visit all the beautiful destinations that this game has for you; while you solve all the riddles to pass level.

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