WordPress is a popularly known application, whose function is the creation of web pages or personal blogs or any topic of interest. This version is adapted for smartphones so that you have access to all options and tools at your fingertips and you can create a new entry or even build your own page from the beginning if you have not yet registered, you can do all this from wherever you are.

It is a modality whose platform is specially designed for smartphones, in this way we simplify your work by offering you the same options that appear on your computer, so you can create your content anywhere and at any time.

*Useful: It is an application widely downloaded throughout the world, in addition to its recognized trajectory, this makes that more and more people join users either writers or readers of this type of content. It also allows you to create a web page or blog easily and quickly.

*Convenient: This platform gives you a more accessible and simple way to manage your account, by offering you the necessary tools to upload a new entry, to make the necessary editing, respond to comments, upload videos and much more. All this from the comfort of your mobile device.

*Practical: With the wordpress application on your phone you can have at your fingertips the necessary tools to create content anywhere you are as well as you can modify what you want since it has the same options that are available in the version for computers. You will also have all the statistics of visits to your website from anywhere.

You do not have to worry about delays in the publication of new entries, with wordpress available for smartphones you can create and upload your content without any inconvenience, so you can make the most of your time and upload a publication from wherever you are.

Also if you want to consult other blogs and find content or news, you can also explore other Wordpress websites from this incredible application, which is completely free for Android or IOS mobile devices.

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