It has been some time since the Internet revolutionized the lives of people, for that reason it is to be expected that we all have a favorite search engine. That place to which we go in search of answers, but many times we waste too much time reading all the material that is provided to us.

In this sense, a new way of obtaining information has emerged, and this time it is not another search engine. WolframAlpha is called the new "computational knowledge engine", which provides a direct answer to any question you ask.

*Smart answers: WolframAlpha works with a database that allows you to give direct answers to any questions that users ask, unlike other search engines, such as Google or Internet Explorer, which provide sources of information.

*Mathematical answers: being this engine a "know-it-all" was expected to provide exact answers to any type of mathematical operation.

*Introduction of text: one of the most outstanding advantages of this search engine is that it only works with the English language, which represents the most widely spoken language worldwide, for this reason it ensures to be able to get the answer to almost any question.

*Available at very low cost: this interesting application is available in Play Store and App Store for Android devices and iOs respectively, at a very low price. There is also the possibility of paying monthly fees.

Without a doubt, WolframAlpha came to revolutionize the world of knowledge; and has become an ally for all those who do not have the time to surf hours and hours on the internet to get the answer they need.

The characteristic that most liked among the community is the fact that they can ask specific questions and get accurate answers very quickly. In this way, the new intelligent search engine makes life easier for anyone.

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