Everyone at some point in our lives needs a person to listen to us, understand us, give us advice and support us when we go through difficult times. However, we do not always have time to coincide since we have other occupations, this is why Woebot may be ideal for you.

If you want someone to be willing to listen to your problems at all times, at any time of the day, Woebot is what you need. This application is a quite charming therapist Robot who is willing to listen whenever you want. This assistant is designed to help people suffering from anxiety, stress, depression, etc. Talk about your problems and learn to control your mind with Woebot.

* Start: To start you must tell Woebot what problems are affecting you; for example, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, depression, postpartum trauma, mental exhaustion, etc. It can also help if you are going through a bad time in your life as a love break or problems controlling anger.

* Registration: Once you have told Woebot about what is happening, he will show you the tools for improvement. Among them is a daily log in which you should tell how you feel each day and you will see how your emotions and your mind are working.

* Tools: The tools that Woebot will present to you to deal with your problems can be explanatory videos, lessons, evaluation of your emotions, your daily record, among others. With this lovely robot you will improve your mood and health.

It is of real importance to know that mental illnesses require attention in the same way as any disease, that is why you should bear in mind that Woebot is not the same as visiting a psychologist, it is only an additional help that can be used to treat diseases. mental, making him be able to let off steam.

This application is completely free, downloading it is quite simple, it does not contain any advertisement and it occupies little storage space. An important detail that you should know is that until now this personal trainer is available with the language in English, therefore you must use the language a bit to use it.

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