WhatsApp Plus
WhatsApp Plus

As everyone should know WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging application in the world, since many people rate it as the best when sending and receiving texts, audios, images, files, voice notes among others, in addition to offering the High quality call and video calling service.

WhatsApp Plus is a more interesting alternative than the very original application thanks to the many additions it has, which makes WhatsApp less limited and more convenient to use.

* Customize: This application allows you to completely change the appearance of WhatsApp since you can modify its color, font size, header, widgets, pop-up notifications, and it has more than 2000 themes that are ready to use.

* Share more: In WhatsApp there is a limit on the size of the files you want to share, in WhatsApp Plus this changes since you can send them with the size bigger than the limit and without losing the quality.

* Privacy: With this application you can enjoy more privacy in terms of hiding your online status becoming invisible, the last time or even forge the last presence you had in WhatsApp by placing a date or time before. Among others that undoubtedly you will like and you will take advantage.

WhatsApp Plus is nothing more than a much improved version of the original application which has the features that many of its users have dreamed about, a disadvantage that this application has is that although it is compatible for all mobile devices it is not found from the official download stores.

This application has stolen the hearts of its users for its improved interface and multiple changes in some of its features, also has the same license and protocol of the original WhatsApp.

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