Waze is the name of a free application that allows drivers to navigate in real time and save as much time as possible when traveling to a certain destination.

By sharing data or information on roads and routes, you not only empower the driver, but also provide shortcuts and tools that allow you to anticipate incidents on the road and thus avoid delays.

*Map Editors: this wonderful application has around 500 thousand volunteers in all parts of the world, who day after day are given the task of modifying and updating the maps of their locality, and all this takes place in only 24 hours, so there is a very small margin of error between what the user sees on the screen of his device and on the road.

*Algorithm: Waze receives thousands and thousands of comments every minute on the part of the users, who share relevant information about the routes through the app, which is why even navigating in "passive driving" mode will be informed of any eventuality.

*Broadcast: an extremely useful tool for the media who report live from the road.

*Discussion and discussion forum: Waze has turned out to be an ideal space for government leaders to establish solutions and propose strategies to combat traffic congestion, a problem that is present in every city in the world.

This useful application has become an ally for drivers around the world, thanks to its sophisticated system of "routing" Waze merges automatic learning and human refinement and thus offers complete and efficient information.

Additionally, Waze does not delete routes from your map, so no matter how many times you visited a destination, you can return to it using the application. If it's time and fuel to save, Waze is the solution.

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