VSCO is a free application designed for IPhone and Android, its launch was for the middle of the year 2013. Through this application you can add effects to your photographs; It has an easy to use interface that offers graphic design and has friendly users.

Thanks to this application you can feel like a professional photographer, you can get it on your mobile device from your favorite store.

* Camera: The application has a simple but effective camera, if you want to take a picture you can do it with this camera and then go to the photo editor. With this camera you can enhance the quality of your photos, it does not offer you manual options like other cameras but if it gives you quite remarkable results, it is fast and gives you a unique automatic shot.

* Photo editor: It offers tools so you can produce your photos, adjusting the brightness, saturation, contrast, size, temperature and you can even rotate the image. All these options allow you to make a common photo an exquisite work. In addition to the adjustment tools this application gives you a fairly large number of well-made filters, with black and white, vintage, saturated, warm tones, among others; these are the point that stand out from the application making that no other can match.

* Social network: This application also allows you to share your photos in your own social network so you can enjoy them as well as the content of other users. VSCO also gives you the option to save your creations in your gallery and export your photos to the most well-known social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

VSCO is a very good option to edit your favorite photographs since it is a fairly complete editor that gives that touch of originality to your photos making them look professional.

Currently has more than 50 million downloads and has gradually been expanding more and more, becoming popular and the favorite photo editor of many people.

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