Currently there are many applications that decide to develop an educational part while offering fun which makes your proposal even more interesting and surprising as is the case of VOI, a very charming puzzle.

VOI is a game in which you need to use logic because it proposes putting together a series of puzzles, organizing pieces and creating figures. If you know the famous Chinese Tangram, this application can be defined as a virtual one in which you can play.

*Operation: To understand this game you must know how the Chinese Tangram works; It is a puzzle of 7 pieces of different shapes with which you are allowed to create infinite shapes. VOI works in the same way.

*Simple: This game is quite simple and minimalist, its interface only has a white background and the black color of each piece. Through the touch screen you can drag each of the pieces to place them in the right place and discover the correct way.

*Levels: In VOI there are 88 levels to play, in each of them you see the proposed figure and the pieces you need to make it. It is important that you work and organize the space between two colors because if you join two pieces it becomes white.

This simple game gives you the opportunity to relax your mind while you get distracted. It is not a game that needs to be solved in a limited time or with a number of exact movements, therefore you can take the time you want to solve the puzzles.

VOI is a free game that will put your logic to work. No matter how old you are from the youngest to the most adult you can try the different and innovative challenges that you probably do not get in any other game.

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