VLC Media Player
VLC Media Player

Video players are essential when you have a device with this capacity, depending on its origin, each of these has a native player dl operating system or the manufacturer. The quality standard of these players will depend on the considerations of the company that makes the devices.

However, not all the time these players are fully functional or adapt to our needs when it comes to playing videos on our computer, it is usually thanks to the lack of functions they have. Therefore, VLC focuses on the comfort of the user to have multiple functions that makes a good media player.

With the opportunity to play videos and songs, it is available for multiple platforms and although its weight depends on the operating system, it tends to be light in the system and does not represent a burden.

*Interaction on the video screen: when you start the application for the first time and open a video, a small tutorial appears on the screen where it tells us that if we slide up or down on the left side of the screen we will adjust the brightness, if we do on the right side we will adjust the volume; and if we slide to one side or the other, we will activate the function of overtaking or delaying the video.

*Timer function: with this option we can turn off the video at any given moment, we can adjust the minutes or seconds in which we want the video to end.

*Speed of reproduction: we can adjust the speed in which a video is played, either faster or slower, only the reference scale must be adjusted.

*Jump in time: we can adjust the time of the video we want to jump at once. Everything depends on the duration of it.

We can only listen to the video as if it were audio with an option where a screen with a diagonal line appears, perfect for when it is a music video. You can add the subtitle option by simply adding the file to the video you are playing. As well as the option to delay or advance them in case the file does not match the saved video.

In the same way in which we delay the subtitles, we can do it with the audio in case the video has been badly recorded or edited. Play your video files in any kind of quality, this does not affect the playback speed of the application or if you want the time to open the file.

Adjust the resolution according to the size of your phone and enjoy the video in full screen or with framed borders.

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