This application was designed especially for lovers of photography and film, because it is a video editor that allows users to add a number of effects, sounds and movements to their favorite photographs to achieve a professional finish.

Vivavideo not only serves to create videos using photographs, but also allows you to edit videos, either counting them or lengthening them. In the same way, it allows adding other types of elements that give a more original and creative touch.

*Editing of photos and videos: downloading Vivavideo you will have the opportunity to cut, divide, duplicate and invert the images or videos that you want. Additionally, the application has the option to modify the video speeds, as well as to mute them.

*Special effects: one of the features that makes Vivavideo stand out among other video editors are its more than 200 special effects, which are used to customize the clips. These special effects range from transitions, music, stickers or stickers, dubbing, among many others.

*Lens effects: this application also works as a professional camera to capture all your special moments, said camera has up to 9 lens effects that will capture the most professional photos and videos.

This application was positioned as one of the favorites among the user community of Instagram thanks to its options of speed and time modification of the videos, that is why everyone prefers Vivavideo.

Similarly, the app has many options to capture photos, whether basic, FX, selfie, among many other effects that will make you love editing videos. Without a doubt, it is the perfect application to create the most original surprises.

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