If you are a person who loves hiking, that is, those who like to walk routes or trails of the countryside or the mountains; This is an application specially designed for you.

Thanks to ViewRanger you can discover new routes, experiences and fascinating adventures. You can even combine all the fun with other users of the application, access quite useful content such as topographic maps and much more.

* Service: ViewRanger offers a complete service of maps, navigation and guided tours. It does not require to be in an Internet connection, besides its content and ease of use make it an ideal application for enthusiasts who love outdoor activities.

* Maps: Within this application is a selection of geographical maps of the world that can be downloaded. ViewRanger is ideal for backpackers, mountain bikers, hikers; even for people who make trips in a hot air balloon or in ultralight airplanes.

* Tools: With ViewRanger you can know how long it will take to get to the next point, it also offers valuable information such as the altitude of a specific point and the most fun you can record your route, add photos, and share it with all your friends.

ViewRanger was considered one of the best applications in 2013, and now there are more than 150 rescue and search teams that use it within North America and Europe thanks to their maps and routes are very accurate.

This application is very easy to download and thanks to it you can enjoy multiple free web tools that will help you in every moment you need in your adventure. Find your backpack and start planning your next trip with ViewRanger.

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