Vice News
Vice News

It is very important to always be aware of what is happening around you; If you are one of those who like to stay informed, aware of national news and news worldwide has found the right application for you.

Vice News is a digital news application of the Vice Media platform. This application is aimed at people of all ages and from anywhere in the world; not only news, you can also find videos, articles, live broadcasts, a gallery full of photos, among many other things.

* Platform: Vice News offers you a complete content in editorial and video format. Among the contents of your platform you will find coverage of the permanent monitoring of current news, international reports, documentaries whether it is long or short, much more. Its main objective is to publicize the stories of everyone, especially those who are not given so much coverage and attention.

* Innovative: This application uses a rather innovative style based on immersive narrative and pioneering techniques of journalism. It has modern features such as live streaming and the first in virtual reality streaming.

* Synchronization: With this application you can link with your social networks to spread them, you can do it through Instagram, Vine, YouTube and also has an unprecedented collaboration with Skype.

By downloading Vice News you will find the easiest way to read, watch and share stories from anywhere and at any time. It is becoming easier to keep up with the news and global stories. It will no longer be necessary to buy newspapers, Vice News tells you everything.

Vice News has 36 offices in different parts of the world and more than 100 reporters and editorial staff. The offices of Vice News are located in some of the most important cities in the world such as London, New York, Berlin, Sao Paulo, Mexico City, Los Angeles, Moscow, Istanbul, Kabul and Beijing.

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