Unified Remote
Unified Remote

Unified Remote is a tool that was designed to provide you with a simple and easy way to manage your computer from your mobile phone, it is considered an effective advantage that will make things easier especially when watching movies or listening to music. by your computer because it avoids the inconvenience of getting up to perform a command manually, when you can do everything comfortably through your mobile device.

With Unified Remote, you can access controls on your computer, such as the mouse and keyboard. With this, you can access any function of your computer, such as music players, browsers, Office programs and much more, remotely.

*Pragmatic: Unified remote offers a practical way that gives you more convenience when watching movies by computer since you can control all the commands from your smartphone to avoid the hassle of pausing, changing the configuration, among other things. manual and uncomfortable, with Unified remote you will not have to get up to do any of this.

*Useful: Unified Remote is the solution you need to have access to the command panel of your computer in an easy way from your smartphone or tablet, you can listen to music or watch a movie more pleasant and pleasant without having to get up from your position to change the song, pause the movie and other things since its function is to provide you with a remote control to perform all these tasks.

*Compatible: This application has the advantage of being wide coverage, this means that it works with a system that is compatible with different software of any Windows, Mac and Linux computer so you can use this application on any computer and enjoy in a way more effective to manage the taskbar.

Unified remote works through WIFI or Bluetooth; to use this application you must have the extension for a previously connected computer, then download it to your mobile device so you can start using it as a remote control.

Do not wait any longer, download now Unified Remote and start enjoying this wonderful application and all the benefits it offers, it is free and available for Android or IOS smartphones.

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