Ultimate Guitar
Ultimate Guitar

Ultimate Guitar is an application designed for people who want to learn to play not only guitar but also Ukulele or bass, teaches you by following chords of different songs, you will learn to interpret tablatures is even to follow lyrics, it is an application that guarantees success in your learning.

You will also have the option to create your own sounds, rhythms and melodies for you to practice and also you can use it without internet connection which makes a perfect application to use it anywhere, you will not have to go to classes, you can learn guitar from your smart phone anywhere.

*Adapts to your style: This application has a wide library of artists and famous songs so you can learn with your favorite genre of music or you can learn several styles, plus you have the option to save it in your favorites folder so you can access them whenever you want without an internet connection.

* Filter: This application has a filter in which you can select how you want your training; with a specific genre, difficulty, artist or score.

*Useful: Since we have a chromatic tuner which is a very useful tool to guarantee the quality of your chords and achieve an optimal result in your learning

Ultimate guitar guarantees total success in learning guitar, bass or ukulele accounts with videos of advanced students so you can see their progress, do not wait any longer and start learning to play guitar from the comfort of your home.

In addition, this application is available for all platforms, and is easy to use and understand, you can start today to learn to play guitar and to compose your own songs.

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