Uber Technologies Inc. Provides a private transport service through a network, working thanks to this mobile application software. Its function is to connect passengers with drivers of vehicles that are registered in the service.

Uber operates in many cities around the world, the main headquarters of the company is in San Francisco (California). You can reserve a car through the application and it is possible for the customer to track the location of the car you have already booked.

*Destination management: In this application you have the possibility to manage up to 6 destinations of your preference in the day, so you already have the facility to mark the favorite sites that you are going to attend. In this way you can make better use of travel by making a single reservation.

*Bonuses and gifts: As Uber has new users it offers the possibility of accumulating points and other bonuses that can be used in the services, it also allows users to make gifts and recommendations, perfect to share with friends.

*Security: This application gives you security because its drivers are registered and selected, the vehicles designed for each type of delivery. It is also possible to view and share the location live, providing security and also ease to get to the destination faster.

This application has undoubtedly revolutionized what is public transport, and increasingly update it improving the service and including new features to make a transfer a greater experience.

This application has already become a phenomenon, achieving the approximate reach of 75% of the population, that makes it something innovative and of great impact in the world. The stipulation that the second best salary in the world belongs to Uber drivers has caused a lot of fury.

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