Twitter is a "microblogging" service that was created in 2006. It has its headquarters in California, San Francisco and Boston in the United States, although after 2007 it was under the jurisdiction of Delaware.

Twitter is a social network in which registered users are allowed to publish and read messages of 140 characters called "Tweets", which will appear in a Start intended for "followers" and also in the profile of the user.

*Multiplatform for communication: It can be defined as a multiplatform because users who are registered can easily communicate at any time and by any device since it has different versions for Tablet, Computers and Smartphone.

*Synchronization: This application has the advantage that you do not lose the information you have in it, If you have a phone right now but another one when you install it you can synchronize it and have all your publications and updated details so you do not miss your follow-ups while being aware.

*Design: It has a more innovative design that gives it a more elegant appearance, this was done with the intention that it was much more attractive to users. A side menu was integrated to facilitate navigation, helping to reduce the number of tabs that appeared at the top of the application, the profile image is now round, which makes it easier to distinguish in the conversation who has said what with better clarity.

Through this application you can get information about what is happening in real time; whether it's about entertainment, politics, sports, events and everyday situations.

At 12 years since its launch Twitter has been growing more and more, nowadays there are more than 320 million active users in a month, which makes it an application that moves billions of messages.

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