This application has become essential to take care of your eyes at night by providing a red filter that will be activated when you want, manually or automatically according to the light of the space in which you are acting immediately, trying to avoid affecting your dreams.

Using our smart devices at night is a habit that has become common among the crowd, an act that is harmful to health especially for the eyes since the temperature of light is high because it is designed to simulate daylight but do not worry Twilight is the perfect App for you.

*Interface: has the options at a glance helping the user to feel more comfortable when using this fabulous App thanks to the configurations that can be made in it of simple procedure.

*Design: has a totally simple design, ready to be used immediately which will emit a red filter which considerably mitigates the blue light of the device's screen.

The intensity of this filter will change, depending on the time of day, so that it adapts to the needs of our body helping to conciliate sleep without any problems.

With the help of Twilight forget about the possible limitations regardless of the time of the night you are in, enjoy that unique and unique space along with your mobile that gives you the use of it but with protection for your eyes to avoid eye pain and hurt your day.

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