TuneIn Radio
TuneIn Radio

Although there are applications of music online and that the person can save their songs in the memory of the phone or even have them in a cloud to listen to them at any time, something that does not die is still the radio that we have always heard.

Some devices bring the radio application by default and others do not, but in the case of those who bring it, they are always limited to the AM and FM stations of the region where they are located. Taking into account that it depends on the signal of the frequency and this can be interrupted by interference of wind currents or other signals.

However, applications like TuneIn Radio make use of the internet signal to offer you the best radio quality and we only from the region where you are but from all over the world, while they are in the application catalog.

*Interface that helps: when we open the application it always shows us a start where we are recommended stations that are consistent with the content we have heard recently. Giving the opportunity to save the station and then listen to it at another time.

*Simple setting menu: on the home screen when swiping to the right, we are presented with 4 menu options: Start, Browse, Profile and Find Friends. In the navigation area we can see the different options offered by the application such as local radios, recent, trend, music, sports, spoken, few, among others. In the music category, it offers options by genre and the most listened to stations.

*A user profile: in this option we can see our profile where the radio stations or stations that we follow and even our followers leave. We can also edit our profile to own taste by placing elements such as user name and image.

Dans la section "Trouver des amis", nous voyons une liste d'amis que nous pouvons inviter ainsi que la liste des membres existants dans TuneIn pour les ajouter. Voir les profils d'autres utilisateurs peut découvrir des stations de radio spécifiques et connaître leurs goûts.

Mais ce ne sont pas les seules options, dans le coin supérieur droit nous trouverons plus d'options comme le "mode voiture" où nous pourrions chercher par la voix les radios recommandées, écoutées récemment et celles que nous suivons. L'option de configuration de l'application peut démarrer la lecture de la radio automatiquement, stocker dans la mémoire tampon avant de jouer, parmi d'autres options qui incluent des informations sur l'application. Ainsi que d'activer ou de désactiver les notifications.

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