Tumblr is the application that allows you to express yourself totally, leaving your mark on the world is the great inspiration to live for many and it will not be the exception with you. What do you expect to manifest what you think, your tastes, your philosophy, in the memory of humanity?

This micro blogged platform allows its users to publish texts, images, videos, links, quotes and audio as a tumblr-blog with some brevity in its reproduction. Not only this term is called a fashion but also a totally unique and unique lifestyle that obviously came to stay.

*Interface: It is simple and easy to understand as the one in your desktop version where the first thing you notice would be the cascade of entries belonging to different blogs that you follow, where you will observe all kinds of information, video, images and many other things.

*Upload Photographs: users can also take pictures from the application interface, and upload them directly. With the help of this option, you can upload any photo to the blog in a matter of seconds and share it with those who follow you.

At first this social network suffered from many deficiencies that are currently non-existent, and has catapulted to be one of the most used platforms in the world in addition to having new features which is why the Tumblr family grows daily.

The use of filters and stikers and even editing of the same material, allowing to join the modality that other social networks have implemented with the intention of radiating to the archive that sentimental "touch" that makes the image in which it is fundamental to inspire others unique and captivate with your perspective of what it is to live.

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