Receiving calls from unknown numbers is something that has never happened to anyone, we even receive calls from restricted numbers that really cause us fear. For this reason an application was created that will take us out of doubt once and for all.

This is Truecaller, which is basically a caller ID. This application will help us identify the people who call us even if they have the restricted number. In addition, we can block the number we want.

* Identifier: The main function of Truecaller is to identify the origin of the numbers and this not only does it with the calls that we receive, but also with the text messages.

* Integrated data: the application allows to keep certain important information about each contact, such as photographs, birthday, among others.

* Call blocking services: As mentioned at the beginning, Truecaller allows users to block any unwanted number, so that annoying person will not be able to call your cell phone number.

* Message block services: As it works with calls, text messaging will not be a problem, because you can also block the number and thus not receive messages.

* Interface: the application has a minimalist design that is very pleasing to the eye. Additionally, it is very easy to use.

* Share: Truecaller allows you to share your location with your friends and family.

This wonderful and useful application is available in electronic stores for all Android devices, iOS, Tizen, Blackberry 10, Firefox OS, Windows Phone, among others. And most important of all, it's totally free.

One of the most liked features among users is that Truecaller has the emojis that we always use in our chat conversations. Additionally, it blocks all content that is considered Spam or Telemarkting.

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