Transit is part of the great family of Google which allows access to it from Google Maps, thus benefiting the displacement in the city leaving aside the traffic and looking for the best stops for you.

It has an excellent software to process the data in a matter of seconds and offer the best alternatives for your journey and even include transport combinations to get faster to your destination.

Just sliding your finger on the screen of your mobile device displays all the options and information such as departure times, delays and many other things, however if there is a problem, do not worry! This application quickly plans a new route thus having thousands of solutions in your pocket.

*Planning: it is one of the main characteristics since you will be able to know how much time is left for your train, subway, etc. to arrive. in real time on the map where you are located, although this option is only available for those cities or sites that have it.

*Simplicity: its characteristic design is what benefits the use of Transit by having a comfortable interface offering the user greater effectiveness corresponding to the requirement to show possible routes in real time, including in turn the distance to travel.

As you can see, it is a very complete application, encompassing the essential features so you can move around the city with the ease of being your location reflected on the map and show stops and transportation points.

Of course the means of transport varies depending on the place where you are, but thanks to Transit you will know how to get more directly and easily to your destination. And this is something that is always appreciated.

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