Traffic Run
Traffic Run

The agility games are mostly boring and heavy when it comes to downloading them, but this one does not, Traffic run comes to break all that since you only have to use your finger to get the car or car to its destination, of course if you do not hit the other cars that will be traveling on the road.

 The cars that will be intervening and creating obstacles are going at great speed but, you must know when to stop your car so that it does not happen and an accident and you lose the record you have, this game does not have many graphics that are cubes that is to say they do not give a realistic appearance but caricature.

* Speed: This game is really fast in which you will test your oculomanual ability, that is, the view with the command for the car when necessary.

 * Graphics: As said before, this game does not look like reality but rather a little original and have that caricature look. 

 * Sound: The truth is that the sound is very clear and with sounds of shocks as if they were real life to make you look as if it had happened next to you.

It should be noted that as you progress in the game, your record will be higher and you will be able to position yourself at the top of the list of your friends and colleagues who also play them, you should also collect coins along the way to improve or buy another car and so you will customize this same.

 You only need an Android or IOS device, with enough storage space to download this great game that will get you out of boredom and help you with mental agility as with this we can think a little faster and solve any type of problem that we have. present in everyday life.

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