Toon Cup 2018
Toon Cup 2018

There are many football fans and Cartoon Network so this application is the ideal for you if you want to have the best of both. In Toon Cup 2018 you will enjoy your favorite characters in football matches where they can use all their powers.

With this application you can choose your own team, the country you want to represent, which will be the captain and mark the best goals. Check the skills and powers of each of the characters to create a great team.

*Choose your team: At the start of the game you can choose the players of your team. Among these options will be Gumball, Ben 10, The Powerpuff Girls, Teen Titans Go, among many others. Choose the ones you prefer and believe they have what it takes to defeat your opponent.

*Test your skill: You need to be alert throughout the game, there are no breaks in the Toon Cup so you can not sing victory until the last second, beware of your opponent so you do not even get close to your archery.

*Win advantage: The best you can do to get an advantage is to make as many goals as possible in the first games. Each part of a game lasts two minutes.

Toon Cup 2018 is a game that you can get for free on your favorite mobile devices. Win as many games as you can so that you receive many coins and you can unlock more and more characters that you love.

This game is simply fascinating, you will love everything it has for you; Even if you feel you are losing in your game you will see some mysterious blue boxes where you will find special attacks to use against your opponents. This and many other things you can find in Toon Cup 2018.

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