TOEFL Infinite
TOEFL Infinite

All people interested in learning English or improving their knowledge in it should download Toefl Infinite, an application developed by the same name, which is responsible for the international certification of speakers of this language.

Toefl Infinite will help you perfect your skills in the four most important aspects: reading, writing, speaking and comprehension; through a series of exercises and vocabulary guides. In this way, you will prepare to present the Toefl test and certify yourself with a speaker of the English language.

* Interface: To get started, Toelf Infinite is an application that is very well designed and categorized. In it you can easily view all the options it offers without having to ask questions of third parties.

* Suggestions: on the main screen of Toelf Infinite you will find a section where suggestions or tips are offered that will help you learn or improve the language.

* Lessons: Toefl Infinite is programmed to show the lessons quickly and dynamically, so you will see from text, videos, audios and illustrations that will help you to fix the knowledge.

* Exercises: in terms of practices, depending on the aspect of the language you are reinforcing, you will find exercises with text, audio recorder, videos and images.

* Timer: as in the Toefl tests, the application trains you to carry out each of the exercises in a certain number of minutes. In this way, when you are going to present the real test, the time will not be an inconvenience.

Sem dúvida, o tempo é uma das coisas que enfatiza a maioria das pessoas que estão se preparando para apresentar o teste Toefl. No entanto, isso não é um problema, porque ao usar o Toefl Infinite você pode repetir os exercícios quantas vezes considerar necessário.

Da mesma forma, o aplicativo tem um gravador de áudio que irá ajudá-lo com os exercícios orais. Estes áudios poderão escutar mais tarde para corrigir os erros cometidos em termos de gramática e pronúncia.

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