One of the most complicated things when we have little time is to prioritize the tasks that we have pending. For this, there are different tools that allow us to organize all our pending.

Todoist is a multi-platform task manager, which has a very nice and dynamic design that allows users to easily enter the amount of information they want.

* Templates: the application gives you the possibility to create templates in order to enter information in a much quicker and easier way.

* Text editing: Todoist has the general characteristics of a text program, so it will be possible to modify the lyrics, either by putting it in bold, italics. You can even add hyperlinks.

* Tasks with reminders: one of the most useful options of the application are the "periodic tasks" that are reminders that Todoist sends you to do certain things that you have scheduled. A curious fact is that you can stipulate the start and end of reminders.

* Wearable device connectivity: this application is compatible with smart watches, such as Apple Watch or Android Wear, so it is not necessary to enter the tasks on your device, but you can do it using the Google voice dialer and the task will appear in the app automatically.

Todoist has become the right hand of many people around the world, since it represents an extremely useful tool. This app is available in the different electronic stores totally free.

One of the features that has the Premium version, and that makes it different from the rest of the task managers that can add locations to each task, so whenever the user is in a place that is linked to a task pending, the app will automatically remind you.

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