Today Weather
Today Weather

Today Weather is an application that shows you the Weather report of your region, however it is not a current platform in which you can only see at what temperature the climate of your city is, today Weather offers you multiple tools and options that you will be able to make the most of the day and be prepared for any occasion.

It is an application that allows you to see the Weather in real time from your cell phone, it will also keep you alert in extreme cases such as storms or hurricanes so you can take your forecasts and always stay safe, this and many other features make today Weather a highly efficient platform so you do not miss anything and you do not get caught by the rain or the hot rays of the sun.

*Plan: Today Weather offers predictions of the Weather in real time of the day, but also the rest of the week, allowing you to be able to plan ahead your activities according to the climate of the day that suits you. It also shows you the hours in which dawn and dusk so you can organize your day in a more productive way to make the most of it.

*Preventive: Having an application that informs you about the Weather forecast is very advantageous since you can have on hand the information about the forecasts that you should take into account when leaving home every day so that you can be prepared properly for the Weather conditions .

*Informative: Today Weather has extensive information that not only notifies you about the temperature and the Weather report, but you can also find reports on humidity, wind speed, UV radiation and much more so that you never stop caring for your health.

With Today Weather you have the possibility to even take spectacular photos taking advantage of the information we give you about the sunset time as well as the sunrise so you can capture incredible sunsets and you can also share your favorite photos with the community of users of today Weather.

Today Weather is totally available for your Android or IOS mobile device and completely free, do not wait any longer and start enjoying everything that this fantastic application offers you.

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