Learning a new language has never been so easy and fun. Thanks to Duolingo thousands of people around the world found the perfect strategies to study the language of their choice. But since languages ​​are so broad, there will always be more vocabulary to learn.

TinyCards is an application designed by Duolingo, which came to act as a study tool for all users who take classes at Duolingo. This is more than 200,000 letters with vocabulary in all languages, which will help you expand your lexicon and improve your grammar.

* Expand your vocabulary: let's start by mentioning that with TinyCards learning new words is a piece of cake. This application has more than 200,000 illustrated letters that will help you memorize the new information very quickly. In this way, a visual learning is carried out, which is often effective when learning a new language.

* Modality: this application works basically as a memory game would do, because users will be presented with a series of images and definitions to memorize their content, and then you will have to enter the data as it was presented. Certainly all this information is based on the lessons of Duolingo, and being only a tool to reinforce the knowledge, the levels of the game or the lessons of TinyCards are very short and easy.

* Content: the content of TinyCars is very modern and varied. In this application you will learn about the parts of the house, parts of the kitchen, types of cars, and even the characters of Pokemon.

This application is available for Android and iOS devices in their electronic stores. With just a touch you can have at your disposal this new material that Duolingo brings to improve your language. Share this post with your friends.

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