Tiny Troopers 2: Special Ops
Tiny Troopers 2: Special Ops

There are many types of war games for smart devices, from first person views to strategy games where you move squads to a site and order attacks; also taking into account the graphic quality, these games are very popular and are usually the hook for many users.

Being on the side of targeted attacks, Tiny Troopers 2 offers a group attack experience of 3 players who obey orders of attack (both with weapons and bombs), position, strategy, among others. Make your soldiers increase level and buy between weapons, armor, skills, and other elements to make your team work the best.

*Control of your team: when you start for the first time you get three soldiers to carry out the mission, although it is usually easy, you must be careful that none die. Maintain control over the team of your solo players, as well as each one's skills in which the speed of displacement, precision, bullet impact, among others, stand out.

*Difficult missions: as you progress, each mission will become more difficult. These can vary from eliminating an entire enemy platoon, destroying towers, rescuing hostages, among others. When completing each mission you must go to a rescue point where a helicopter awaits you to get you out of the battlefield.

*Light controls: the way to manage your team is very simple because pressing a position in the near territory when it is empty you can move your team of soldiers but when you press on an enemy they attack directly. On the other hand, on the right side of the screen you have the option to change weapons and also request air support while you have the option.

There is a possibility that when the mission is finished, the entire group is not left, it is impossible to recover the soldiers they have eliminated, so you can replace them with others but they will start with level 1. This makes the level of your team soldiers descend but you can improve it as you go on missions and collecting money.

While your team is attacking the enemies, you can also move them around the field to avoid the firing of the adversaries. You can hide behind bushes, trees, barricades or walls to cover yourself and plan a better strategy.

On the way you will find badges which serve as accumulators to unlock game items, collect them and add these enhancers to your team to have a better performance.

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