Tinder is an application whose function is to give you the possibility of finding a partner, it is qualified as one of the best applications to get appointments and the best part is that the service is completely free.

This application was initially tested on college campuses, the first time at the University of Southern California. Its official launch was for September 2010.

Tinder has an interface in which a user successively shows the different profiles of the other users. To indicate if you are interested in a user what you should do is to slide your finger on the screen to the right and if you are not interested, to the left. If both users are interested they are allowed to chat.

* Interface: Tinder has a simple and easy to use interface, you must create a profile where you must have an avatar and also a small biography with your tastes and interests.

* Import your photos: The application must be synchronized with Facebook to create an account, and if you want you can import your favorite photos to the profile of Tinder.

* Compatibility: Tinder is compatible with mobile devices that have an Android or IOS operating system, whether they are tablets or smartphones.

* Use of GPS: The best thing about Tinder is that it uses GPS to see your location and thus connect with people who use Tinder and are close to you, you can also choose the location where you want to find other users.

Tinder worldwide is considered one of the dating applications that has had the greatest impact in the digital market, has more than 50 million registered users.

Thanks to this application many people have changed the way to find a partner leaving behind the visit of bars and other habits that used to be used before, this application offers information, photos and allows you to have a conversation so you can schedule an appointment with someone who result of your interest.

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