Timepage is the application that will help you and make your life much easier in that with the help of your interesting data processor and software you will have your most organized days obtaining in this way fantastic productivity results in your time. Remember that time is everything!

For anyone is a secret that meet the goals we have in the day is a bit complicated with the pace of being but thanks to it is a smart calendar with several functions, combining your events, maps, contacts and climate in a simple application you will be attentive of your daily work.

It works with your existing calendar so it does not require any complicated configuration since its design is totally easy and intuitive to have the options of settings present in the interface by which its great design allows to visualize the different categories of it.

*Design: It has a highly functional design thanks to the screen is divided for better visualization of the events scheduled in the coming weeks. You can also view other applications. Is not this wonderful?

*Configuration: The desktop mode includes a clock and a daily schedule where it will also facilitate you with the presence of the visualizations of the next 6 weeks, and it is possible to add events from the monthly view but the most important thing is that it offers options for double view to observe in parallel your plan and detailed schedule for hours, the time scheduled for the day and for the week, and details of events and chronology.

If you want a bit of order in your life, this application is perfect for you, do not you think? Take your day to day in your pocket and have the one where you want to be and carefully plan future events in this great application that definitely came to stay.

The whole purpose of the creation of this App is simply to schedule actions for the days that are to come and that with a simple glance you can have your whole world under control however it has a separate timeline for days that shows us first the events of that day and second the actions of that day that we have programmed.

And if this seems to you little, it counts on representations of the actions in cards that generally you can grant them different colors depending on the typology and importance of the same one according to the list to which it belongs and with more extra data as it can be the date of expiration among others.

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