Today anybody needs a little organization since life goes very fast and there are always things to do. To not forget or lose anything, or an appointment is very useful to have an application like this to help you plan.

With TickTick you can organize a good list of tasks which will help you to organize your day to day. It is also possible to create alerts for events, track their progress and even observe how their statistics are going. With this incredible application life will be easier for you.

*Plan: With TickTick you can plan all your tasks and it will be possible to stay organized thanks to the number of simple and easy to use tools that this application provides. More will never miss any of your appointments.

*Lists: In your to-do lists you can place what you need each day, for better organization you can place labels, folders, colors, make special lists etc. In this way you will have your agenda organized.

*Statistics: You can get information about the statistics of your progress, to know how much you have been working. In addition, it has a tool that allows you to focus more as it will help you not to use your phone in specific minutes.

This is a completely free application that you can get on your device or favorite mobile devices whether smartphones or tablets. Your download is quite simple and simple that will not take long.

Thanks to TickTick many people have been able to achieve the organization of their day to day because when you have many pending tasks you usually overlook some of the important obligations, with this application there will no longer be that problem because with this you can manage your time without losing no event

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