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The Washington Post

If you are constantly stuck on social networks, always updating the notification bar to not miss the news or not, you are attached to the TV watching the news channel to hope that one day pass the news that really is of interest, then let me tell you that you are wasting your valuable time if you do not use The Washington Post.

This will be your most important informative newspaper since it is an app, it will only place exclusively the latest news that is happening in the country and worldwide, that is why The Washington Post is one of the oldest newspapers and they passed it to the digital era.

* Exclusivity: This virtual newspaper has a particularity, since it will always supply you in the first place and giving greater importance to the news of the politics and not to the show business, as most newspapers usually do.

*Publications: The app will send you a notification as soon as a new news item airs, that is, you will be one of the first to know what is happening. 

*Notification Control: Of course, if your device usually receives notifications of all the apps that you have downloaded, it may be a bit annoying that notifications are arriving every time there is a new piece of news, this can be adapted to your liking from the notification panel of the app.

It is important to mention that this App will be wonderful for people who do and are fully in political life, since the main point of this app is to publish everything that covers the field of politics, of course, without forgetting the other field.

You only need a few simple requirements to have this app, since you only have a smart device, whether it's Android or IOS technology, you can search in playStore which is the respective Android store and in AppStore being IOS, you can find this app totally free.

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