The Escapists 2
The Escapists 2

This is the second installment of the popular game The Escapist, this time has some updates that will make your experience more fun and enjoyable. It is a game that puts your adventure spirit to the test in addition to developing your strategy skills while you try to pass the level.

Escapist 2 has a very clear objective: to try to escape from prison, since you will have to interpret a criminal who has just been transferred to a maximum security prison and your main mission will be to leave prison planning your escape.

*Defiant: Do not think that getting out of jail will be an easy task, in this game we will demand that you become a true escapist master and excellent strategist so that you can pass the level, you will have to plan different ways or escape routes since you are They will present numerous obstacles that will mock your ideas and interrupt your way to the exit.

*Entertaining: The Escapist 2 is a very entertaining game because you must strive to achieve your goal, it is a very fun experience that offers you to feel the adrenaline as if you were there. In addition you will be shown different scenarios so you can devise the best escape strategy.

*Varied: It is a very varied game because it offers several modalities so you can enjoy it for longer, after fleeing the jungle you can access the mini-games where you will have to escape from famous prisons all over the world.

It is a game set in a prison located in the jungle, where to escape you must explore the jungle to find secret passages, trees, ventilation ducts and many other alternatives that you can use in your favor to avoid the traps that the guards of security.

No doubt it is not a simple game because it challenges you to overcome complex challenges and obstacles which will try to prevent your exit plans. You also have the option of multiplayer so you can invite up to 3 friends and try to get out of jail together. Do not wait for more download and El Escapista to start enjoying this incredible game. You can download it on your smartphone or tablet.

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