In the world there have always been many video games that have broken down barriers and have managed to surprise everyone. This is the case of this famous game called Tetris which since 1984 is the favorite of many until today.

Relive the fun of this wonderful classic game now on your smartphone thanks to Electronic Arts that is responsible for reinventing this great game within an application especially for your enjoyment and entertainment. Do not waste any more time and exercise your brain with Tetris.

*Have fun: In this wonderful game you can have fun with the traditional way of Tetris, giving a touch to the screen to use the simple controls to change the position or to slide the pieces.

*Challenge: Thanks to this new version you will no longer have to play alone but you can challenge other players to challenge them without any problem when you are in the "Tetris Explorer" mode.

*Link: By linking your Facebook account with the application you can know what are the rankings of your friends in order to compete against them and at the same time share your scores.

Tetris has been a classic for more than three decades and now thanks to this redesign by Electronic Arts has many other features that make this popular game more fun, such as marathon mode that is without any limit or Galaxy mode that counts with enhancers.

Download this wonderful application on your favorite mobile device to enjoy this completely free game in addition to its incredible graphics and different modes. With Tetris the fun does not end, control the pieces in a simpler way and get great scores.

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