Tandem is an application that serves to learn different languages with people from all over the world. In it, users have various tools that allow them to learn in a fast and interactive way the language they want.

This app is really effective when communicating people, because through it millions of people get in touch in order to put into practice the language they want, in addition to having the opportunity to teach their mother tongue.

* Classification of users: because in tandem we connect with users from all over the world in order to put the language into practice, the application asks questions that allow you to know your interests and thus connect with people who share your tastes. This is very useful because users can choose the topic they prefer to talk about.

* Languages: this is one of the few applications that has more than 140 languages ​​available to learn, which allows you to get in touch with almost anyone.

* Tutors: an aspect that attracts users to use Tandem is that it has native teachers of different languages, who correct the exercises.

* Levels of learning: the application has different levels of education in some pre-established languages, such as: English, Portuguese, French, German, Russian, Chinese, Turkish, Arabic, Polish, Japanese and Spanish. These levels are divided into beginner, basic and advanced.

* Premium: the application has a Premium version that offers users an extensive variety of benefits at a low cost.

Tandem's ability to connect millions of people from all over the world makes it one of the applications for learning more reliable languages. Also, its simple interface allows users to quickly familiarize themselves with its functions and get the most out of it.

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