Talking Tom: A por el oro
Talking Tom: A por el oro

Endless run applications are very popular starting with the iconic Temple Run, so many developers were motivated to start with applications of games belonging to this type. However, it is very difficult for software like this to be successful due to its limited style of play.

But when a recognized developer implements this game mode with popular characters, this game automatically becomes very attractive and this is the case of "Talking Tom: A for the Gold", this one offers us the opportunity to run with the popular virtual pet that He has gained a lot of merit.

With a good plot, go through different scenarios dodging obstacles, taking power-ups and collecting all the possible gold to make the desired purchases.

*Different scenarios: in the first level we appear on a 3-way highway where the race begins, but as we go forward we unlock new scenarios such as ruins, jungle, beach, among others.

*Popular characters: although at the beginning we started playing with the kitten Tom, we can buy others like Angela and Ginger, including other special editions like the canine.

*Progressive difficulty: as you progress in the level, the difficulty increases and this is noted in the speed of the character's career, a greater number of obstacles, among other factors that really makes the level deserve greater ability to game.

The coins found in this game are gold and dynamite: gold can be used to buy characters and common enhancers such as magnets or speed, but dynamites correspond to the currency obtained through bonuses in races or purchases integrated into the application and serve to buy special content of the game and use occasionally to continue the race if you have lost it.

Apart from being able to buy other characters, you can also buy the same characters but with different outfits. Between levels of speed and individual dexterity, these can increase or decrease depending on their value; some may have a value in gold and others in dynamites.

Because it receives frequent updates, occasionally events are held where you can get special content such as Halloween or Christmas.

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