Swiftkey is a custom keyboard for Android devices and iOs of any kind, whether smartphones or tablets. This app has state-of-the-art technology that makes use of artificial intelligence to make predictions about the words that the user intends to write.

Based on previously written messages and the frequency with which the user makes use of certain words, this application simply makes your life much easier, because you know what you want to say even before you know it yourself.

* It's free: Swiftkey is available at most e-shops and you can download it without paying a penny.

* 66 languages ​​available: the app has text input in 66 languages, making it one of the most complete in the market.

* Activation of several languages ​​at the same time: it contains the option to activate up to 3 languages ​​at the same time, very useful feature for people who handle more than one or two languages.

* Emoji Prediction: As if predicting what the user wants to say was not enough, Swifkey has the option to predict emoticons, which will show you on the keyboard the emoji that corresponds to the word you have written.

* Location of the number bar: users have much more convenient and faster access to the numeric keys, which are located in two sections: the first on the regular keyboard at the top and horizontally; and the second on the symbology keyboard grouped towards the right vertically.

* Personalization: not only has a wide range of themes and colors but also the option to put photos of your gallery as a keyboard background.

Thanks to the high quality technology with which SwiftKey counts, the application has a very good reputation in Play Store and App Store, thus becoming the favorite of users and even replacing the factory keyboards of the devices.

The outstanding aspect of this incredible keyboard lies not only in its predictions but in its personalization options, since it has more than 50 themes of different styles and colors, which adapt to the tastes and preferences of all users, showing from the most creative, even very elegant and sophisticated themes.

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