Currently we are overwhelmed by our daily life and we have the need to communicate through the networks our daily life or incredible feats with the rest of the world, but with the help of this means of communication allows you to share your location with your friends and live with them this new experience.

Swarm is an application developed by Foursquare, whose objective is focused exclusively on location with the difference that you can share your location with your friends through messages and photographs to not stop the fun. Live this new experience in all its splendor with all the surprises that this brings for you.

*Social network: it is considered a social network because of the functionality of it, thanks to the fact that its objective is to share with friends and create invitations to group actions in such a way to get contacts in the application for greater capacity of use or to use what is already we have additions on Foursquare.

*Design: has a simple model to use since the configuration options are present on the screen to effectively streamline the functions of this application to which one of them is to create plans together your contacts through a point of location.

*Organization: one of the impressive characteristics is that it organizes the contacts both alphabetically, which is custom, and by distance ranging from 10 to 150 kilometers, obtaining constant monitoring to which notifications are presented related to how far it is from. user.

Let the distances and a few notifications be your companions of adventures, do not let it be an impediment but use it to create unforgettable memories along with those you want.

Swarm is the App that turns the distances into a fun experience, sharing photos of new places and chats to leave your mark on the world and the location in case you want to find it What do you expect? Get it now!

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