Subway Surfers
Subway Surfers

In many opportunities of the day there comes a time that we have the phone in hand without knowing what to do, so having a game installed can be a good alternative. But not all games are the perfect distraction because depending on the theme of it can become even more tedious.

In this opportunity we will talk about a very interactive game that keeps you alert and moving at all times. Putting in action your agility to choose the best way without losing the round or a life if you want. Subway surfers gives us the typical runner game mechanics in Temple Run style.

In the case of the usual flight, we have to escape from the police through the dangerous train station which is supposedly abandoned; however, obstacles that include high-speed trains are usually traversed and one must be very careful.

*Practical start: in the beginning it tells us how we can put the missions, we get a quick invitation that with a touch on the screen we start with the escape of the game.

*Practical Settings: in the quick configuration section of the game we have three options: activation of the sound, an option of instant message for your friends and the option to connect with Facebook to invite your contacts from that social network.

*Daily challenges: one of the best bonuses in the games are the daily challenges, three daily missions are added that when fulfilled give you the opportunity to open a secret box that can have bonuses in the form of coins or items.

At the beginning of the game we see a child making a drawing with an aerosol in a train car, at that precise moment he is surprised by a policeman and that is when the persecution begins. The game consists in the development of the pursuit through three train rails with different obstacles that go from abandoned trains to high of signals.

There are two types of stop signs, there are those that are avoided by sliding underneath, those that can be skipped and those that must be changed in order to continue. At times we can go up train cars to go over these.

One of the objectives is to collect as many coins and take the items to improve flight as speed boosters and planes that allow you to fly for a certain distance.

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