When you go out with your friends, colleagues or roommates to eat it is always good to share the expenses so that it is much more bearable for your finances, it is also good to be aware of when you have fallen behind in paying what you owe to a relative or friend and especially when someone owes us money.

For this and many other things there is an application called Splitwise, which will help you organize your payments. Thanks to this application you can synchronize the payments in your group of friends to know when you paid a coffee to a friend or when you owe a lunch to it.

* Divide your accounts: With this wonderful application you can keep your accounts updated with the people who divide your payments, be it your roommates, your family, your friends or even your partner.

* Groups: With Splitwise you can create groups when going out to eat, to have coffee, to the cinema or any activity and divide the account automatically; In this way everyone will know how much each of them has to pay.

* Interface: The interface of the application is quite simple to use, it is divided into three tabs (friends, groups and activity). In the friends tab you can find the people you have added with the amount of money owed or owed to you. In groups they can manage the common expenses they have and finally enter the invoices of the different payments.

With Splitwise you can divide the accounts between your family or friends and thus everyone will know when they have to pay and how much they will be able to manage their group finances, which will help them to be fair and equitable at all times.

More never lose money forgetting your accounts, download Splitwise for free and start dividing your group expenses. It is necessary that all the people in the group register in the application so that everyone has access to their accounts and debts.

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